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Voiceless Ventures LLC is a social media consultant dedicated to the power of storytelling and the importance of having a voice. We strive to create strategies that not only inform but also inspire and embolden.

We believe that now, more than ever, people need to feel empowered to use their voices and be heard. Join us on our journey to make the world a better place.

Our Team

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Meet our founder, Aniq Zoha. Growing up, Aniq struggled to speak up for what he believed in. This resulted in many missed opportunities and a lack of identity leading into adulthood. He developed the belief that everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard. Social media offered a unique opportunity, along with his background in performance storytelling and video creation, to amplify voices that have felt ignored or underdeveloped and wish to make a change for themselves. And thus, Voiceless Ventures was born.

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